stephanie;shmephanie (biftek77) wrote,

Well I am starting a bag company. Basically, people will tell me what color/size bag they want (I don't make the bags, I buy plain ones), what color they want the words or lyrics to be and if they want little added accessories to it, such as a bow or something simple like that and then I will do it. And I'm thinking probably soon, I will be able to put images on the bag, like from the computer. I mean of course I doubt anyone will want me to make them a bag but if this works then that would be rather super and I wouldn't be broke.

Depending on the size/words/added things of the bag, it can be anywhere from 7-15 dollars. I think that's good. It's not like crazy expensive.

Shit, this would be really cool if this actually happened. Look, I even made a sign.




So I think you want a bag made.

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